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This guide has everything- vegetarian and vegan options, pro-meat options, gluten free options, and plenty for clean eaters & paleo lovers! I put all my favorites into this guide; I purposely made it large so you can select out of it the foods and ingredients you really enjoy! On the printable grocery list I left space for recipes because I always like to jot down what I’m making just in case I want to grab something extra for that!

For more healthy living tips and ideas go here! :)

You are a lovely lovely genius, as always. 

Love this

I have not been to the gym in a little over 2 weeks. the first week I was unmotivated, stressed out and kind of depressed with crazy food cravings. Mother Nature!!! I felt deprived. The second week I was out of town and didn’t have access to the gym. I did ride my bike about 10 miles a day on the oceanfront and I walked about 6 miles one day. But I just didn’t feel like I had a workout at all. I sat in class all day most days. I started off eating good but that soon turned to crap. I gave into peer pressure. I haven’t been eating good I haven’t been drinking my water. I gained 6 pounds. Today I have been home 3 days. I did not make it to the gym either of the first couple if days. My life is running me instead of me running my life. It is time to take control. Today I will make it to the gym and I will eat good and drink my water. I just need a little motivation. I little self control and determination. The thing that’s so frustrating us i don’t know how this happened. I was eating clean, going youths gym daily. My weight was dropping. I feel like I subconsciously sabotaged my efforts BUT WHY!!!
Sorry about my rant.


Best fruit for weight loss
High-carbohydrate fruits. Banana, plum, pear, kiwifruit, pineapple, mango, grape, and fig should be eaten for breakfast. These fruits give the required energy to jump start digestion and provide the required sugar content after the night’s fasting.  
Low-carbohydrate fruits. Watermelon, peach, nectarine, cantaloupe, apple, and papaya come under this category. These nutritious fruits have high water content and control the body temperature and help expel bad cholesterol from the body. They provide the necessary energy for the cardiovascular and nervous systems to function optimally. The low-carbohydrate fruits like these do not tax the body with excess sugar content; instead, diets rich in these fruits aid burning excess fat and losing weight.  
Citrus fruits and berries. Diets rich in citrus fruits provide minimal carbohydrates. These fruits include raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, and to some extent strawberries and blue berries. A small amount of lime, lemon, or sweet lime can also be included. These fruits help promote bowel movement and thereby detoxification. They eliminate toxins or undigested matter from the body. Citrus fruits and berries cleanse the blood and reinforce cardiovascular system. This promotes heart health as well. These fruits aid in removing bad cholesterol and improving digestion and appetite, thereby leading to healthy weight loss. 
Watery fruits. Fruits—such as watermelon, cantaloupe, musk melon, and honey dew melon—all have plenty of water in them with an amount of carbohydrates. They provide excellent hydration for digestion and low amount of carbohydrates for instant energy to the body. These watery fruits provide the required water content for effective digestion and excretion of toxins, thereby aiding detoxification and healthy weight loss. 

Love this


I will do this…

Need motivation last 4 days have been awful

I have been horrible lately. It started with my husband wanted Pizza Hut. It was like that started it. Fried fish on Sunday with family. Then done great all day Monday till 7 pm. Then I had skinny cow chocolate and then I had weight watchers red velvet ice dream sandwich Then today I did great till tonight. From 4 pm to 7pm it’s like I can’t have enough. It’s like the pizza set off all these cravings.

I started my life changing journey February 2013, after seeing the pictures of my sons graduation. That’s the picture of me in the blue. That was taken January of this year. I didn’t want to just loose weight. I wanted to change my life. I had ALOT of bad unhealthy habits. I ate most meals out via fast food enlarge portions, I lived off of coffee and diet soda. I smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day. The most exercise I got was walking to and from the bathroom, bed. Just what I had to do. My job is sedentary and my life had become that way to. We joined the gym on february 4, 2013. We started working out. Kind of sporadically. My husband was all about it. I was not. I broke the tip off the fibula bone on my left leg and tore the ligament and tendon in may. What weight I had list I gained almost all of it back. I got released from the doctor end of June to start exercising. My life changing journey had not changed my life much at thus point. So I really started putting forth the effort with clean eating and going to the gym. The second picture is June 28,2013. The third picture is Aug 24, 2013. I also since June have gave up soda, fast food, I have been smoke free for over a month and I’m down 27 pounds. I had gave up all caffeine but my morning coffee but yesterday decided i had to have some caffeine during the day. I try to go to the gym at least 5 times a week.

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